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Income Tax Return

Tax service solutions and tax help for individual filers.

When you visit Stone Financial Network you can rely on real help from real people – and for products and tax services with real benefits.

What makes Stone Financial special? Our enthusiasm, our commitment to our customers, and our selection of products are all reasons you should have your taxes prepared at Stone Financial Network.

Take a look at what Stone Financial Network offers:

  • Year Round Support – Our offices are open year round to serve your needs.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Our offices guarantee service 100%. If you are not satisfied for any reason, the office will refund your preparation fees.
  • Free Consultation – Information and consultations are always free at Stone Financial Network.
  • Audit Assistance – If the IRS audits you for a return we prepared, we will accompany you to the audit to offer assistance.
  • Correspondence Assistance –We will help you handle all IRS and state tax return correspondence that you get, including audits, notices and inquiries about your tax return.
  • Free Copies – At any time, you can get copies of your paid tax return for free.

Select one of our filing options below to choose the best tax service for your need.

  • Electonic Filing – Electronic Filing is automatically included with every return that Stone Financial Network prepares. You will receive your refund by direct deposit in as little as 5 to 7 days.
  • Paper Filing  – Returns done as a standard paper return must be mailed by you to the IRS. You will receive your refund by check or direct deposit in an estimated 5 to 7 weeks.
  • Servicing the Akron Area – Stone Financial Network, Inc. has been preparing income tax returns and offering financial services in the Akron area since 1990.

Our income tax service is ideal for any number of Akron area clients :

  • Akron College Students
  • First Time Tax Return
  • Filing Single
  • Filing head of household
  • Filing head of family
  • Retirees
  • Seniors
  • Small Business

We offer fast, fiendly, personal service with a smile and handshake. Our services include paper returns, electronic filing, direct deposit in as few as five days with no loan fees.

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Akron Tax Services

Our income tax service includes full preparation of all federal, state and local tax forms, electronic filing with direct deposit available, and our fees can usually be deducted from your federal refund.

Our Financial Services also include Life, Health and Long Term Care Insurance programs, Annuities and income-producing products.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any tax or financial questions.

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